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In Tiko, a rural town in the Southwest region of the Republic of Cameroon, an estimated 70% to 80% of diseases are attributable to poor water quality, and in some cases, a lack of drinking or portable water. Dysentery and cholera, for example, are among the leading causes of infant mortality in the community.

Wholesome Health Promotion (WHP) has initiated a project to drill modern communal water boreholes to make water easily and safely accessible to the community. This project is critical because without access to safe water, water-borne diseases will continue to proliferate with negative long-lasting health, economic and social effects on an already impoverished community that has been severely impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic.

Please, watch the video below to better understand Tiko’s water supply problems; then go to the Donations tab or click here to make a donation to this laudable initiative.