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The WHP Board is pleased to announce that Herman Hoigen Ekwalla will serve as the organization’s Director of Operations & Projects, Cameroon.

In this capacity, he will be responsible for:

  • Implementing and supervising WHP program initiatives in Cameroon under the direction of the CEO.
  • Supporting systems and processes that enable the efficient and effective management of prospective and ongoing programs and projects.
  • Communicating with the Management Team to monitor and report on the status of projects, and suggesting improvements based on realities on the ground.

Herman, who has served in a variety of capacities in WHP since 2017, has extensive experience in volunteering and community-focused projects in Cameroon. He has served, among other positions, as the Interim Divisional Chief of Service for Cooperatives and Common Initiatives Groups (CIGs) in Lebialem Division; Director of the Community Education and Action Center in Boana, Fako Division; and, Regional Chief of Bureau for Agricultural Surveys and Statistics in the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, in Buea, SW Region.

Herman has a Professional Bachelor’s degree in Agronomy and Soil Science from Bamenda University Of Science And Technology(BUST).