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Arrey Echi
Publishing and Records Administrator

Arrey has a background in Gender/Development and Human Resources Management.  She graduated with a BSc Double Majors in Women and Gender Studies/Sociology and Anthropology from the University of Buea with an extra diploma in Development Studies and Human Resource Management.

For the past four years, inspired by her personal journey with Sickle Cell Anemia, she decided to speak out in a bid to change the narrative and perceptions around people living with sickle cell, breaking the silence, taboos and misconceptions associated with the condition and bringing hope to those affected and their families through her blog and other online and offline activities.

These activities among others, have since seen her blog  as a finalist for Health Unlocked Health Blogger Award, 2017, a two times Story Awardee and featured Change Maker and Ambassador of World Pulse, winner of the Digital Citizen  DigCit SDG3 award as someone using Social Media and technology to influence good health care and wellbeing, featured on BBC Africa’s #TalkItOut, where she shone the light on the stigma and discrimination people with sickle cell face and most recently, winner of the Sickle Cell 101 (SCAY)  International Advocate of the Year 2019.

She loves writing and draws her inspirations from personal experiences and from observing society and is also very passionate on disability issues and  health related matters.