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Nicole Holmes
Nicole Holmes
Global Outreach Adviser

Nicole Holmes is a Senior Product Development Engineer for AT&T.  Her professional career spans 22 years in technology.  She has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree from DeVry University and a Master of Science in Business Information Technology (MBIT) degree from DePaul University.  She designs websites and media outside of her corporate role through her Enlighten One Design business.

She is owner of the Enlighten One Travel Agency, established in 2015, which offers retreat and group travel worldwide.  She brings over 17 years’ experience in event planning to this endeavor, hosting her first spiritual retreat in Costa Rica in 2018 and leading her first group tour to Africa, visiting Ghana, in 2022.  She aims to introduce more African-Americans to the African continent via group travel, sharing her insights, and promoting tourism.

With over 30 years of metaphysical learning and application, she hosts retreats, workshops, and shares advice as a podcast host.  Creator of two podcasts, Cool Ass Conversations and The Frequency Forum, Nicole has established herself as a wise and compassionate coach.  She is passionate about uplifting others, reminding them of their natural abilities, and personal power.  She also provides advice via her two YouTube channels – Enlighten One and Enlighten One Travel.

Her dedication to lend her talents to assist communities within the African continent led her to become a global outreach adviser for the Wholesome Health Promotion organization.