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Terese Tande
CEO & Founder / Board Chair
Terese “Tee” Tande is the founder of Wholesome Health Promotion (WHP) which she created in December 2016 goal is to encourage people in rural and marginalized communities in Cameroon to live an active and healthy lifestyle thereby preventing lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure that are on the rise.
She is also the founder of the Cooking with Terese (CWT) show that promotes healthy cooking and eating. CWT is Terese’s platform to engage and inspire the public towards a healthier lifestyle.
Terese is also behind the hugely successful CWT-inspired organic/dry spices range of products called Tee’s Taste™ which include the Organic Fish Spice Mix (“Fish Smix”) and the Stew and Chicken Spice Mix (“Stew and Chicken Smix”).
Terese has a B.Sc. in Public Health (with a focus on Health Promotion/Wellness and Fitness) from Northern Illinois University, in DeKalb, IL, USA. She also holds a Level One National Administrator Certification for long-term care administrators.
For over a decade, Terese has worked in the health field in various capacities. She is currently a Regional Access Team Lead at a major hospital in the greater Chicago area where she investigates and resolves patient, technical and workflow problems; facilitates multi-disciplinary and collaborative approaches to patient care and interdepartmental problem solving/service delivery; coordinates and supervises section staffing; and assists with staff training and development.
Without doubt, promoting a healthier lifestyle for everyone is at the center of Tee’s work, be it through CWT or WHP.