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For 2022 is embarking on its second sustainable water and sanitation campaign in  Cameroon. This year’s campaign includes a cholera awareness campaign and will culminate in the donation of a 10,000-liter capacity borehole to the Buea General Hospital, which serves the Southwest region.

In the past year, Cameroon and the Southwest region have had recurring cholera outbreaks caused, among other things, by a lack of safe and accessible water.

The Buea regional hospital, which serves a catchment area of close to a million inhabitants, has been dealing with severe water shortages that have impacted the quality of services across the hospital. The ongoing socio-political crisis in the region has increased pressure on the hospital due to the mass migration of displaced citizens into the hospital’s catchment area. The regional hospital needs about 60,000 liters of water daily to be fully operational. However, the hospital’s water system can only provide about 40,000 liters daily.

The regional hospital has the lone hemodialysis center in the Southwest, which provides services to over 500 kidney patients. Of the 60,000 liters of water that the hospital needs daily, 20,000 liters alone are needed by the center.

The hospital’s lack of adequate water supply and its attendant health and socio-economic consequences, mirror the acute water crisis in the entire region and in Buea in particular. Addressing the water crisis with a tangible solution such as a borehole will benefit both patients and the community.

Please donate whatever amount you can afford to make this project a resounding success. No amount is too small in this effort to ensure that the Buea Regional Hospital has a constant and sustainable supply of clean water.

All donors will be listed on a Donor Recognition Wall as patrons, benefactors, advocates, supporters or friends of the hospital, unless they prefer to be anonymous.
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