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Terese Tande, the Founder and Board Chair of Wholesome Health Promotion, was recently interviewed by the Ohio-based Apex1 Radio. The exhaustive two-hour interview covered a broad range of issues including a segment on the origins and mission of Wholesome Health Promotion. According to the WHP Founder, the organization, which is incorporated in the State of Illinois in the United States was inspired by her healthy eating cooking show, Cooking With Terese (CWT) , but was a separate entity with a Board of Directors and Officers.

Terese Tande used the opportunity to reiterate WHP’s mission:

“Wholesome Health Promotion is an organization that seeks to promote general wellness and provide nutrition and health education in rural areas and underprivileged communities in Cameroon. We provide the individual with resources and knowledge necessary to live an active, healthy, and fulfilling life for the benefit of self and community.

She revealed that the new organization’s first project was adopted during its first Board meeting which took place in February, and that details will be provided to the public soon.

Asked what she personally hoped the organization would achieve in the long run, Terese Tande envisioned an organization that would help reduce lifestyle diseases in Cameroon through innovative prevention strategies, activities and programs, and through the promotion of healthy eating and active lifestyles.

Click below to listen to this informative interview that covers a wide range of wellness-related topics.